Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of Parent Support Services?

Parent support services provide you with the opportunity to review your family situation with a neutral third party to see if court intervention can be avoided.   Improves communication skills with your former spouse or other parent to enable better co-parenting.  Establishes boundaries and set forth your expectations.  Addresses co-parenting issues in a non-adversarial setting. Improves relationships between family members. Reduces conflict between the parents.

 Creates environment for co-parenting in the best interests of the children     

What is the difference in your services and those of an attorney?

We do not provide legal advice on your specific situation however, we can connect you with an attorney if necessary.We  will review your situation to determine if there are issues that you can resolve yourself without an attorney. We only focus on issues involving the children, not martial property and specific divorce issues. 

My ex refuses to help me control our child's behaviors, how can you help?

  • Co-parenting is challenging for many families. A Parent Coordinator will help facilitate the communication between you, your child and your ex and if necessary assist you in locating services in your area to address your concerns.

I want to see my child but I'm ordered to be supervised, now what?

  • Your parenting time is very important to your child. Our supervised parenting time will give your child  security  and you the support you need to be an involved parent at an affordable rate.