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Parent Support

  • A trained parent coordinator may be able to help you in the areas of co-parenting, visitation,  and other parenting challenges. 
  • Co-parenting can be a challenge for some families and the inability to communicate effectively may lead to expensive family court intervention.
  • A Parent Coordinator is a neutral third party whose job is to assist parents in developing strong parenting and co-parenting skills.  
  • A Parent Coordinator assists parents in talking about parenting issues, development of parenting plans, coordination of services, and helping parents utilize their time with their children.
  • A Parent Coordinator may be able to assist you in identifying services and programs that are available to address the needs and concerns of your family.

Journey Learning Center

Learning is a Lifelong Journey.  

Coming in Fall 2018, the Journey Learning Center will provide families with educational options that fit their child's needs.  


Learning Coaches

Virtual Learning K-12 students

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