Do what is in the best interests of your child with supervised visitation

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

― Benjamin Franklin



To  provide families with services that give children the opportunity to have a safe, and conflict-free access to their parents and extended families.  Central to a child's sense of security, feelings of self-esteem and healthy development is the constancy of the parent-child relationship. Children are deeply affected when they are separated from a parent. Visitation monitoring is helpful to lessen the negative impact on the child.

Why chose Angel Eyes Monitors?

Angel Eyes Monitors understand the stress and frustration of child custody cases.  Our principal monitor and trainer bring over 23 years of Family Court experience.  Our intake process is very different from most professional monitors. We know that there are a lot of individuals involved, including attorneys, judges, extended family, and most importantly, the child(ren) who bring different perspectives.  We will assist in arranging schedules between the parents, deliver on the spot observation reports at no extra cost, and if necessary, court testimony. Extra diligence to make sure the supervised parenting time is a safe and secure experience for your child, comfortable experience for the custodial parent, and confident experience for the non-custodial parent.  

If you have a court order giving you supervised visitation, do not look at it being a negative requirement, look at it as an opportunity for you to build, grow, and maintain a relationship with your child.  Supervised visitation maybe your opportunity to demonstrate to the Court your desire to be involved in your child's life.  There is no excuse to not spend quality time with your child. 


Understanding the Parenting Session Process



The first step is to complete the intake form. This allows the Intake Coordinator to review the dynamics of your case and assign a parenting monitor to your family.  We currently have trained monitors in South Carolina, Central North Carolina and Coastal Georgia.  

Complete Intake Form

Intake Form

Schedule Intake Interview

Intake interview for services

Now that you have completed the Intake Form  you need to schedule your intake interview. This is a phone interview. Simply select the time and date. The Intake Coordinator will contact you. 

Intake Fee must be paid before the intake interview appointment.  The intake interview may last up to one hour. Fee is $75 and must be paid before the interview.

Intake Interview

Intake Interview

Starting and Paying for Services


Intake Fee $75 - 


               Monday -  Saturday sessions                 

 9 am - 1pm   OR  2pm - 6 pm COST $240

                    Sunday Sessions  

10  AM - 2 PM  or 2 pm -  6 pm  COST $300

All locations are subject to a $0.58 per mile for mileage.  More than two children or additional adults will require an additional monitor at $50 PER HR. 

All fees must be paid in full in advance of all services. 

2 hour session based on availability 

and are limited. 

Times listed are the standard times however we are flexible.

You may qualify for siding fee rate. 

Secured Payment with PayPal

Your Parenting Time


Finally, the day has come when you get to develop your relationship with your child. You are not "visiting" your child you are "parenting" your child during family day out.  Typical locations for parenting time are parks, library, restaurants, adventure parks, museums, ball games, etc. You should have a backpack of items your child may need based on their age. ie, drinks, snacks, clothing, diapers etc. and of course cash for small purchases, 

Post Parenting Outcome Reports


Congratulations! We know you had a great time with your child. At the end of our session, the monitor will review the parenting outcome form with you and the custodial parent.  This form does not replace a full observation report that is provided at additional cost.

Scheduling Future Sessions


Based on the requirements of your parenting/visitation order, you should secure your dates in advance. Sessions are booked on a first pay basis. Lock in your sessions with advancement at least 7 days in advance. 

About US

Who are we?

Finding a professional visitation monitor is an important task for you and your family.   We currently serve counties in the state  South Carolina and Coastal Georgia and  Central North Carolina from our Raleigh location.  A monitor will to travel up to 2 hours from all locations. 

Jan Bellinger, the CEO of Angel Eyes, LLC has worked in the family court system of South Carolina since 1996. She is a certified SC non-attorney Guardian ad Litem. With her vast experience and knowledge in supervised visitation, she is also the principal trainer of our supervised parenting monitors. The monitors are community based professionals who are trained in accordance with the Supervised Visitation Network Standards and Code of Ethics. These professional monitors are mandated reporters of child abuse and neglect.

Our monitors provide supervised visitation services in public locations and if approved and appropriate your home. The Monitor's priority is to ensure the safety of your child.

If you have a court order giving you supervised visitation, do not look at it being a negative requirement, look at it as an opportunity for you to build, grow, and maintain a relationship with your child. Supervised visitation may be your opportunity to demonstrate to the Court your desire to be involved in your child's life. There is no excuse to not spend quality time with your child. So give us a call and learn more about  supervised visitation or supervised exchanges and how you can turn what may appear to be a negative requirement for a positive outcome for your child and you. To better assist you or your attorney, we encouraged you to obtain specific guidelines about the services offered before appearing in court. 

Remember to do WHAT'S BEST FOR THE CHILD. Give us a call at 803-943-9696 or use the form below to schedule a free consultation. We have monitors available weekends and holidays. 


Request Service Rates & Application for Services

Every family is different, briefly tell us more about your situation

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Additional Professional Services*


Monitored Exchanges

Monitored exchange occurs when a neutral third party is responsible for collecting the child or children from one parent, and escorting the children to the access parent for their visit, so that the parents do not come into contact with each other.

It may not always be appropriate or safe for the other parent, a friend or a family member to provide this service. In those cases, access may take place as part of a court-ordered program where a neutral court-appointed agency acts to supervise the access or exchange. The level of monitoring will depend on the needs of the child and the level of risk involved.


Court Testimony & Documentation

 Court testimony and an unbiased, objective, and documentation of services available. 


Home Study

The non-custodial parent home study typically includes:

  1. Background checks and face-to-face interviews with everyone living in the home.
  2. A completion of a written questionnaire and a physical inspection of the home to ensure it meets applicable safety requirements.

A written home study report is prepared based on the information gathered.


Observation Reports

Documentation is an essential part of supervised visitation services. As a supervised visitation monitors, we not a party to your court proceeding therefore the monitors report may be the best way for the details of the visit or exchange to be shared with your attorney or Judge. The observation report is provides an unbiased, objective observation of the visit. The report will not contain recommendations about future visitation or recommendations concerning custody. The observation reports should not be the sole basis custody or visitation is determined.


Our staff does not represent you in court and does not provide legal advice.


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